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Lindell 48 Fly

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02 Ağustos 2023 - 7:04

Lindell 48 Fly


Fish Rests Hard, Relaxes: Meet Again with the Lindell Philosophy The Lindell 48 Fly offers a new dimension at sea, staying true to Lindell’s famous “Fish is Hard, Relaxing” school. With a larger structure, more length and ample cockpit space, it’s like you’re in a floating castle. The redesigned interior accommodates up to eight passengers, allowing you to have a large back bed for a great sleeping experience.

The Crew’s Favorite: Third Helm Station Lindell 48 Fly has been designed with every detail in mind, even when on the move at sea. The third helm station, with the bridge, allows you to easily control the ship while enjoying the explosions and sea breeze. Designed for the entire crew to have an enjoyable and safe cruise experience, this feature will take you to a different dimension.Motoryat

Magnificent Beauty: Elegance and Elegance Meet The Lindell 48 Fly fascinates people with its design that combines grace and elegance. Inside the ship with a large saloon, you can collect unforgettable memories with your wallets and friends. In addition, thanks to the large kitchen counter, you can prepare magnificent meals and host your loved ones with delicious feasts.

Useful and Functional: Always Be Ready The Lindell 48 Fly is a true hunter. You will always be ready with your fishing area, offshore platform and 22 meters wide cage. It is your freedom while discovering the beauties of nature. This ship gives you and your entire crew the freedom to move around, allowing you to enjoy the sea to the fullest.

Seize the Future: Your Next Place Is Here! Lindell 48 Fly is among the rare yachts that combine special design and superior features. There was a queue to go to own one of these special yachts. To mobilize society now and to distinguish one of this unique ship, the king of the future, uniquely. Contact Frank to design and own a yacht tailored just for you.

Technicial Specifications:

Full Length: 51′ 0″
Max Full Speed (Half Load): 45 mph
Cabins (Queen Bed): 2
Beam: 14′ 5″
Travel Speed: 35 mph
Sleeping Capacity: 8
Fresh Water Capacity: 115 US Gallons
Dead Ascension: 18°
Dining Room Single Bed: 1
Electrical System: 120/240v | 50A
Body: Vacuum Fiberglass
Overhead and Separate Shower: 1
Stone (Including Scenes): 3′ 9″
Fuel Capacity: 1,250 US Gallons
Holding Capacity: 45 US Gallons
Engines: Twin Volvo Penta D-8 IPS 800s

Pursuing a Passion: Lindell’s Success Story Lindell, the maritime world is a story of passion and success. The fact that Jim has built more than 50 extension nets and they are still in service today is an extension of how high quality and durable ships have arrived. Lindell’s yachts, combined with pioneering fiberglass technology and cutting-edge technology, revolutionized the maritime world.

He has made his dream come true, especially by designing and building the Puget Sound sport fishing boat, the Skagit Orca. Then, together with Ron Meng, he designed and built the Ocean Sport Roamer 30, adding to his success. Jim’s expertise and knowledge have expanded the model’s rear casing to create the Ocean Sport Roamer 33, resulting in a superior ship.

Enjoy the sea with the Lindell 48 Fly

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